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Weight Loss

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Analysis

Get your food diary analysed and gain an instant insight into your diet.

  • Are you exceeding your daily energy requirements?
  • Is your macro-nutrient level balanced?
  • Is there a micro-nutrient deficiency that may be affecting your health?
  • Are your blood sugars unstable and affecting your energy levels?
  • Do you eat at the right time of the day to prevent fat storage?

Body Composition Testing

Have your body measured, tested and analysed to determine your body fat composition and health status.

  • Are you eating when your body is thirsty?
  • Is your visceral fat high, putting your vital organs at risk?
  • What is your body fat percentage, and its associated health risks?



Activity Analysis

Log your weekly activity and get it analysed with the latest nutritional software programme.

  • Is your activity level matching your nutritional intake?
  • What active routines and tasks do you do daily which help you burn fat?
  • Is your health or hectic lifestyle preventing you from being more active?



Emma has helped me enormously on my weight loss journey. Her insight and information helped me realise the importance of you are what you eat.  Emma is so easy to talk to and non judgemental, she’s persistent and wants you to achieve your own goals and offers so much support.

Katie Stokes, Hampshire

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