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Discover your youth!

The 9 day Refresh Plan, £49.99

Life gets busy for mum’s in the western world as they strive to fit everything into their lives in the pursuit of happiness. Expectations are high to be the strength of support for the family, whilst juggling a career with other commitments. Time is of the essence so micro-managing lives has become a way of life.  This approach has led to a struggle against time everyday, impacting health and wellbeing as personal self-care is neglected.


“Nothing will work, unless you do”- Maya Angelou

It is often not until we reach burn-out that we start to pay attention to looking after ourselves. The impact of constant stress on our body causes havoc on our cortisol levels, upsetting our body’s natural hormonal balance, leading our body’s to suffer inflammation, weight gain, and an acceleration in the signs of aging.


Take time to check-in on yourself…

Are you looking after yourself?

Have you gained weight recently, or noticed that you suddenly can’t lose weight?

Are you waking up to skin that has lost its glow and wrinkles that are more visible?

Do you find that you have sleepless nights, or you’re no longer able to switch-off and relax?

Have you lost your mood and motivation because you now lack the energy you once had?


As we age are metabolism naturally slows down, and we lose some of that vibrant energy and strength from our youth. I want to tell you that you are not alone, there are thousands of women just like you all over the world. 

I’m here to tell you that there is a way to feel that vibrancy of youth again, and what’s great is that it is totally achievable and won’t take up too much of your time!  


Let’s turn back the clock…

Discover your stronger youthful self and become the person you want to be.

I’m going to share with you the latest in science-based nutrition that has led to the discovery of a FAST approach to weight loss. It will leave you feeling energised and motivated, whilst getting your brain focused and skin glowing! Plus, most importantly it will start protecting your long-term health.


Here’s a secret:

We may not be able to control the pressures of modern day life but we can reduce the stress on our bodies daily to keep us fit and strong. If we learn to re-balance our macro’s (fats, protein, carbs) and understand the impact of glycemic loading we can then start to take control.

We can manipulate these macros carefully, by packing in more fats and protein to switch our bodies into a fat-burning mode. If we mix this with an intermittent-fasting and an exercise plan we have the latest science-based approach to FAST weight loss, known as Autophagy.




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9 Days to Feel Amazing…

Your health & wellbeing forms the foundation of support for your family, and empowers you to be your best in life!

Taking the time to focus on yourself for just 9 days will reset your body for FAST weight loss. You’ll feel the benefits of brighter skin and boundless energy too – leaving you refreshed and able to manage your busy life. 

Emma Scott’s science-based autophagy plan has been nutritionally analysed so you don’t need to count the macro-nutrients. It has been designed to promote autophagy by alternating intermittent-fasting with a feasting phase. 


What’s in the Autophagy Feast & Fast Plan?

We will go through the 9-days together:

Private Facebook group to interact and share your journey, plus I’ll be there to support and motivate you to accomplish your goals, and you’ll get all your questions answered by me

9-day nutritionally analysed meal plan to promote autophagy and keep you in a fat-burning mode

Yummy, simple recipes with shopping lists. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free options available

Intermittent-fasting guide to help you get the most out of your plan

Daily tips direct to your inbox to help you prep meals, and remind you what you should be doing each day to keep you on track

Sample Menu FEAST

Breakfast: Spicy scrambled eggs with sauerkraut

Snack: Avo-half with lemon chili drizzle

Lunch: Coconut chicken Thai soup

Snack: Chocolate cashew-butter fat balls

Supper: Asian beef salad with coconut dressing and toasted sesame seeds


Meal plans and recipes are simple to prep ahead for busy days. Emma Scott is an expert in weight loss and her diet plans and recipes have been featured in Health & Wellbeing, Vegetarian Living & Healthy Diet magazine.



Dive in and pick a day to start your journey!

The 9 day Refresh Plan, £49.99

Kind words that make me smile smile

I’ve wanted to lose weight for a very long time, but I felt completely overwhelmed by the thought of changing my routine, as I already had a weekly food plan in place that suited my family’s busy lifestyle. I felt that being a busy mum and having a restricted gluten and dairy free diet I was stuck in that routine. The Refresh programme helped me to break free of the routine and realise that just because you are on a restricted diet, doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy and interesting.


Emma’s recipes are super easy, I LOVE the fact that everything is measured easily (for example 9 apricots, 12 dates when making the coconut protein balls) – this meant that I ended up remembering the recipe off by heart and am much more likely to make them again!

As I am quite busy during the week running my own business, spending a lot of time cooking doesn’t always fit in. So when I first saw the Refresh programme I didn’t think I could possibly even contemplate doing anything like this. But Emma’s brilliant no nonsense attitude made me think that perhaps I was simply making up excuses not to look after myself and it was just a matter of getting on with it!

So I simply adjusted the plan slightly to fit in with my week and planned ahead. For example, the first week of the Refresh programme I had two meetings in town which at first made me think there was no way I could do this, then I had another look at the recipes and saw that you can batch cook! So at the weekend I made a large portion of the miso chicken soup and then brought these with me in a thermos when I was out – job done! I also made a large portion of the coconut protein balls so I could bring a few with me in case of getting hungry when out and about. When working from home I made the salads which by the way were surprisingly satisfying and (not surprisingly) very tasty.

My advice to anyone starting the Refresh programme is: Just get on with it, you will feel so incredibly much better and it is worth spending that little extra time cooking, you deserve it and you will end up feeling truly Refreshed and energetic – wondering why you haven’t started before!

And if you feel overwhelmed, you are not the only one. If you find yourself making excuses, just think that this programme is designed to make you feel better, and why make excuses for that! With a little planning ahead and a little reorganising of your time you can make these amazing recipes and eat healthily, lose weight and feel great and Refreshed!

So just get started, Emma is so incredibly experienced that you know you are in safe hands. The plan has been worked out to such perfection that you just have to follow the instructions and you know you will get all your nutrients at the same time as losing weight and feeling great!

Marianne Nicolaou, London

Message me to find out more about my Refresh plan – 9 days to feel amazing!

The 9 day Refresh Plan, £49.99

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