Let's Analyse You...

Sport Performance

Nutritional Analysis

Get your food diary analysed and gain an instant insight into your diet.

  • Are you matching your energy requirements against your build and sport?
  • Are you spiking your insulin levels after a workout to recover muscles faster?
  • Are you replacing electrolytes or supplementing your diet?
  • Do you fuel your body effectively during events/competition?
  • Do you suffer cramping during or after exercise?
  • Is your macro-nutrient level balanced to meet the specific demands of your sport?

Body Composition Testing

Have your body measured, tested and analysed to determine your body fat composition and health status.

  • Would losing weight or gaining weight help you perform better?
  • What is your muscle mass percentage?
  • What is your body fat percentage?
  • Do you know your ideal sport specific BMI range to optimise your performance?


Activity Analysis

Log your weekly activity and get it analysed with the latest nutritional software programme.

  • Is your energy intake matching your activity level?
  • Is your body burning protein?
  • Can your exercise thermogenesis be improved to help you perform better.
  • What levels of your activity burn fat and which burn carbohydrates?
  • Do you want to gain more muscle and/or reduce fat?


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