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NutriLite for Weight Loss

Diet & Lifestyle

Learn how a healthy, well balanced diet plus a safe weight-loss limit can stabilise your blood sugars, control your metabolism and help you lose weight. Reach calorie intake equilibrium. Gain knowledge, take control

NutriFit for Healthy Living

Diet & Fitness

Become active and learn how to manage your lifestyle to eat healthily every day.  Team up with friends for support or join a local activity group and create your strategy to stay active and healthy. Get active, stay healthy

NutriSport to Perform

Optimising Diet

Perform your best with a nutritional training plan, where fuel is timed and tailored to meet the demands of your sport. Fuel your body smarter to recover more quickly, train harder and prevent injury. Improve fuel, gain power

All services take an evidenced based science approach through analytical dietary analysis, and provide an education in nutrition supported by lifestyle change. The focus is on obtaining nutritional balance to enhance health and well-being, and optimising nutrition for sport performance.

Nutritional Analysis

Your food diary is analysed with the latest in nutritional software to identify dietary imbalance and micro-nutrient status (vitamins and minerals). Results are formulated into your nutritional report with recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes, to provide a more comprehensive report. Nutritional Analysis maybe added to a full dietary consultation, it is also offered individually for each service to purchase on-line.

Nutitional Analysis is used to form the basis of your individual nutritional programme, where nutritional balance is factored in from your unique profile.

What’s in a programme?

Nutritional programmes are developed from initial consultation assessment where health history, current diet, nutritional status and lifestyle are recorded and observed.

A range of tools is used for assessment, including non-invasive diagnostic testing:

  • body impedance analysis 
  • body measurements (inc. skin fold calipers)
  • observation assessment
  • monitoring tests as needed, such as blood glucose levels

Each programme is tailored to suit your individual lifestyle, food preferences, and requirements to optimise your health and well-being, so that you can achieve your goals. The depth of the programme is dependent on the selected package. Click on the individual services below to find out about packages available.






All packages contain individual nutritional programmes, tailored to meet your personal requirements in order to help you meet your goals whilst fitting in around your lifestyle. There are three levels for each service: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Packages are phased over 6, 9 and 12 weeks. Each package is sectioned into three phases:

  1. Get Going: Analysis and programme development
  2. Make it Happen: Dietary and lifestyle education and coaching
  3. Keep it Up: Progress report and  lifestyle maintenance plan

If you’d like a variation of one of my services, or would prefer to create your own bespoke package please feel free to contact me for a quotation.


NutriLite Packages


NutriFit Packages

NutriSport Packages

Consultations for Packages

Initial consultations are used for assessment and programme development. Follow up consultations are performed as scheduled in your selected package, and are used to monitor your progress throughout your programme. Following initial consultation each individual receives:

  • Report of assessment
  • Nutritional analysis results
  • Individual nutritional programme
  • Recommendations for diet and lifestyle change

Extra follow-up consultations may be added to any package as required – please refer to dietary consultation for additional fees.


All packages are supported for the duration of your programme by weekly emails and phone support as needed.


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Food Shopping

Interactive Supermarket Tour

Lasting up to 1 hour:


Learn how to decode food labels

Make healthy shopping quicker and easier

Find out which products are best to buy for you and your family

Learn how to save money on your food bill by shopping smarter!

Understand the influence of advertising on what you eat

Receive NutriLife Healthy Shopping Guide.

Meal Plans

Individual Dietary Plans

  Monthly Meal Plans are tailored to your individual needs and include:


Timed daily meals, snacks and drinks

Total calories

Macro-nutrient ranges: grams of protein, fat and carbohydrate

Meal size

Micro-nutrient levels

Customised eating styles, such as vegan

Customised diets such as low or high carbohydrate

Receive NutriLife Individual Dietary Plans monthly by subscription. 

Recipe Cards

Create & Analyse Nutrition

Recipe Nutritional Analysis. Excellent resource for the Media, Publishers, Writers, Chefs, Recipe websites and Food Blogs.  


Create a professional food label:

Recipe comparison

Food labelling standards

List RDI values

Recipe makeover

Receive a nutritional analysis pdf report of your recipe for you to print out.

Home Help

Meal Plan, Food Prep & Cook

Lasting up to 1 hour:

Learn the best way to quickly prepare and cook delicious food to preserve nutrients

Learn how to plan your meals ahead to prevent food waste and save money

Get help with organising your pantry so you can enjoy cooking and prepare meals efficiently

Receive our NutriLife guide on meal preparation, with planning tips for a budget to cater for all the family.

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