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“The amount, composition and timing of food intake can profoundly

affect sports performance”

– IOC Consensus Conference on Nutrition and Sports Performance

Take the NutriSport Scientific approach to Sports Performance…  

Examine your diet in-depth and identify imbalances and deficiencies that affect your performance.

Sport Performance Programme

How it works

This service tailors your diet around your training programme to establish optimal nutrition for performance. It provides bespoke sport specific nutritional programmes for training, pre and post fuelling and includes the use of sports drinks and supplements. It advises on athletic body mass composition and muscle enhancement.

Who it’s for

Competitive and professional sports athletes, and active individuals wanting to achieve health and performance goals.

Benefits of Sport Nutrition

  • Optimal gains from your training programme
  • Enhanced recovery between workouts and events
  • Achievement and maintenance of an ideal body weight and physique
  • A reduced risk of injury and illness
  • Confidence in being well-prepared to face competition
  • Consistency in achieving high level competition performances

How it helps

NutriSport will work closely with you to develop a sport-specific nutritional programme, that is tailored to your training programme, to optimize your food intake through appropriate nutritional strategies, with proper hydration, whilst maintaining your ideal body weight/body fat composition. Individual programmes accommodate personal preferences, busy lifestyles and are tailored with training leading up to competition.


  • Timing guidelines for fueling pre and post training
  • Types of foods to eat before, during, and after exercise
  • Meal timing, appropriate use of snacks, and post-workout recovery nutrition
  • Electrolyte fluid balance – how to avoid the dreaded cramps!

Testing & Monitoring 

  • Body composition testing
  • Monitor body weight to assess both energy and fluid balance

Sport Performance Programme

Sport-specific analytical software is used to:

  • help create individual nutritional programmes to optimise diet and hydration
  • calculate energy and macro-nutrient needs (carbohydrates, protein, and fat) for your level of activity and preferred ratios
  • analyse micro-nutrient (vitamins and minerals) status to identify any deficiencies (such as Iron) that may be impacting performance
  • customise meal plans (intermediate and advanced packages only) for training leading up to athletic event/competition (i.e. marathon, triathlon, sports tournament)
  • balance energy expenditure by using both dietary and activity analysis, and monitoring to stabilize body weight during heavy training and competition


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An excellent and eye opening experience. Thanks Emma!

Marcus Carmichael

Specialist Assistant Football Referee, FA Cup

WOW! I have just read through the report. It is mind blowing. I was particularly proud of the muscle gain I can see from the stats.  I feel at times like I am exploding with energy! I am completely committed to your approach to nutrition as I can see the differences in my performance when I don’t stick to it…… so it becomes self regulating as a result laughing

Joanna Hoddinott

Competitive Rower

Sport Performance Programmes

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